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  Limitag V5 / high resolution UV LED printer / any surface / multiple printheads switch to spanish language  english language (current)
Limitag V5 polypropylene marking.

Limitag V5 UV LED high resolution inkjet printers print on any surface with excellent adhesion. Able to print on coated cardboard, glossy paper, plastics, polypropyleno, glass, aluminium, steel, ceramics, wood and also on cardboard surfaces with no high contrast degradation.
Versatile LED curing system with multiple settings depending on the surface to be printed..
Video shows a shiny polypropylene label being printed. Also a cardboard surface is printed showing no contrast loss. Production lines with coated boxes and cardboard boxes can be coded using just one printer.

  Limitag V5 / high resolution fastest printer with 1, 2, 3 or 4 independent printheads
Limitag V5 cardboard box coding...
Limitag V5 - Cardboard box coding and decoration

Limitag V5 L780 high resolution printer prints all known EAN / GS1 barcode types, draws any kind of custom font texts, and decorates using photorealistic images. Controls up to 4 independent 70mm height printheads at resolutions from 200 dpi each. Thanks to these key features you can code both sides of your product with unique information using just one printer.
Video shows an actual installation where the printer is coding a secondary packaging barcode DUN14 (ITF / GS1 Databar-14) in one side of the product and is printing big captions of box contents in the opposite side of the product.
Limitag V5 L780 is alsoable to print Class A 1D barcodes like GS1 / EAN13, ITF / EAN14 / GS1 Databar-14, EAN / UCC 128, Code 128, S.S.C.C. (Serial Shipping Container Code), UPC, UPCA, interleaved 2 of 5, Code 39. And also 2D codes like Datamatrix, PDF-412 or nowadays QR Codes

  Limitag V5 / variable data / total message instant update / fastest hi-res printer in the market
Limitag V5 printhead instant update...
Limitag V5 - high resolution coding industrial printer. Barcodes, logos and text. Up to 4 independent printheads.

Limitag V5 L780 changes messages to print instantaneously thanks to the most advanced technology used. Video shows a sample message selection and print where a 70x200mm is totally updated in the printhead in less than 0,2 sec. In the video a external hardware message selection is invoked each second and firing is provoked after 0,5 secs giving a minimum production speed of 60 boxes / second

  Limitag V5 / CMYK decoration / up to 4 independent printheads undividually driven / stock reduction

Limitag V5 CMYK...

All advantages of the robust and fast Limitag V5 added to flexibility of an on demand digital printer.
Video shows a complete full colour printing solution. Using two Limitag V5 LCMYK full colour industrial inkjet printers and a simple box guiding system it is possible to personalize any secondary packaging unit while maintaining all features in coding and marking.

  Limitag V5 / autocodes instant update / S.S.C.C. automatic creation
Limitag V5 autocodes instant update...
Limitag V5 - high resolution coding industrial printer. Barcodes, logos and text. Up to 4 independent printheads.

Limitag V5 printers instantly updates any autocode, e.g. counters, SSCC codes, any custom format dates, shift codes and any barcode related or combined to these autocodes.
The video shows the Limitag V5 printing each second a watch looking message which is 70mm height x 200mm long. Purpose of printing a watch message is to demonstrate autocode and information changes each second
At the same time counters and a related barcodes are printed in the message which changes each second.  Opposite to first video there is no external selection, all is automatically done in each printing. Both work modes can be combined to e.g. print autocodes and external variable data in independent production lines where different products are printed, all this using just one system.

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Limitag V5 L780 is an industrial high resolution inkjet printer for real time barcode coding, text marking and photo decoration fully researched, developed and manufactured by V.L. Limitronic, S.L.

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